Why You Must Invest In A Cartier Watch?

April 8th, 2022

If there’s anything you already know about Cartier, it has to be how exquisite and luxurious the watches are. The brand made its debut in 1847 to cater to the elites. Since then, it has retained its position as one of the most prestigious watch manufacturers. Over the years, the timepieces have undergone various alterations and have graced the wrists of several public figures to lure new collectors and buyers.

cartier watch investment

In today’s date, Cartier as a watch brand drives a high market demand, and people are willing to offer an impressive amount for specific Cartier models.

So, if you are someone who is planning to invest in one, we say go ahead! It is perhaps the best time to invest in Cartier as it shall only appreciate over the years. It means you can always sell Cartier watches at a higher value. Of course, trends may change, but some reasons ensure Cartier will always retain its value.

Wondering what they are? Read below to find out the details.

4 Reasons Why You Must Invest In Cartier

1. Style

When choosing a Cartier watch, style plays an important role. Even though most watch styles are timeless, some hold their value better than others. Therefore, when you intend to sell your Cartier watch for a better return, remember that each style will have a different value.

If you want to attract the best return, investing in a style that looks aesthetically pleasing and appreciates in value is advisable.

2. Materials

Cartier is a luxurious watch brand with each timepiece made with premium quality materials. Many vintage Cartier models made with expensive materials like rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold are more valuable than the newer models.

For obvious reasons, investing in a Cartier made with platinum, diamonds, or any other gemstone will fetch you a higher value.

3. Brand Value

Louis-Francois Cartier founded Cartier in 1847. Soon enough, the brand became popular for its innovative techniques, like using platinum to make jewellery, which gave it the title ‘Jeweller Of King’ and ‘King of Jewellers’. It is a highly prestigious watch brand with a rich history and 100% brand recognition. So, it is always a good time to invest in Cartier.

4. Rich Lineage

Cartier watches have been worn by elites and celebrities throughout history, making the brand even more significant and desirable. While most Cartier watches appreciate or hold their value well, those with a distinct lineage will surely fetch a higher value when you sell them.

Which Styles Of Cartier Watches Have A High Resale Value?

In the end, everything boils down to which Cartier watch holds maximum value. As said initially, few Cartier models are more desirable in the watch market than the rest, leading to greater resale value.

If you’re investing in Cartier, pick from the below-mentioned models for future results.

Top Cartier Models For Investment

1. Santos de Cartier

In 1904, Cartier designed the Santos de Cartier timepiece, one of the first pilot watches. The watch came into existence to combat the danger of using a pocket watch during flights. Santos de Cartier has a distinct geometrical dial, exposed screws, and seamlessly curved horns that set the watch apart as one of the most coveted Cartier watch models.

2. Cartier Tank

Perhaps one of the most popular luxury timepieces is the Cartier Tank. The watch has a lasting, timeless, and legendary design that is most loved by all. It is easily recognisable for its sapphire cabochon, blued steel hands and iconic rectangular case design, representing Cartier’s excellent craftsmanship since 1917.

Investing in a Cartier Tank will surely fetch a good return when you sell your Cartier watch to any reliable watch buyer.

3. Ballon de Cartier

Coming out in 2007, another loved Cartier model is the Ballon de Cartier. Dignitaries like Kate Middleton are known to favour it. The Ballon de Cartier features a round case with a polished bracelet and a modern, contemporary style that will hold great value for many more years.


While we have talked about why you must invest in a Cartier and which all models hold the best value. Another most important thing is You! The watch you shall invest in will reflect your identity and style throughout. Therefore, apart from focusing on the monetary value, it is equally important to prioritise the self-value.

The names we listed above will not just get you an excellent return amount when you sell Cartier watch but also look great on your wrist.

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