Why Must you Invest in a Cartier Love Bracelet?

January 25th, 2022

Are Cartier Love Bracelets a Wise Investment Strategy?

The Cartier Love Bracelet is the most loved and celebrated of all the creations Cartier has done. For over 50 years, the Love Bracelet has been a staple for celebrities and fashionistas. It is not just popular, but people consider it a profit yielding investment option too!

cartier love bracelet investment

As the scarcity of love bracelets increase, you can sell your Cartier jewellery at a higher value in the secondary market. But, before we switch to the part that talks about the Cartier Love Bangles as a worthy investment option, let’s start by focusing on why the millennials are going crazy over the Love Bracelet.

Why is the Cartier Love Bracelet so popular?

Apart from being statement jewellery, the Cartier Love Bracelet has become more of a status symbol amongst the millennials. More and more people now want to invest in the love bracelet. Not just for its elegant design but also its worldwide reputation.

But what’s the reason behind all this hype? The answer is simple-LOVE!

Not to forget there are other convincing reasons too!

Top 4 reasons that make the Cartier Love Bracelet so valuable are:

1. Versatile Appeal

Thanks to its minimalist design, anyone can easily wear the love bracelet. The locking mechanism boasts an impressive romantic concept. Both men and women can style themselves with a Cartier love bracelet. It is available in white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum.

2. Made For Love

The powerful love concept behind the origin of the love bracelets makes it even more desirable. The design of the bracelet resembles the ancient chastity belt (a locking item made of cloth that resembled a belt that used to keep the wearer remain chaste). When the men went away, wives used to wear them to save themselves for their loved ones.

The idea was to remain faithful to a loved one, and this concept is still predominant. Earlier during the initial days, the Cartier love bracelet could only be purchased and worn by couples who readily agreed to give the screwdrivers to their significant other. The bracelet was a testament to the lover’s commitment, and hence, the ‘lovers only’ agenda was born.

3. Premium Materials

If you own a Cartier love bracelet, you’ll be glad to know that you can now sell your Cartier jewellery at an attractive value. The earning potential greatly depends on the metal, size, type, and the bracelet’s overall style. Here is a quick guide on how the factors affect your earning value when you sell Cartier love bracelets.

  • Metal: Since its debut in 1969, Cartier has expanded the metal type of the bracelets to solid yellow gold, white, and rose gold. However, the yellow gold bracelet continues to rein and has the highest resale value along with the rose gold variant.
  • Style: Cartier has released a series of Love Bracelets so far, and in 2017, the top-tier brand steered away from its ‘lovers only’ agenda by releasing a thinner version of the bangle. The bracelet includes a self-fastening closure to symbolise self-love and independence, unlike its predecessor.
  • Gemstone: Cartier now offers the love bracelets set in diamonds and other gemstone variants, which yield a higher resale value but do not match the popularity of the original Cartier Love Bracelet.

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4. Brand Value

Jewellery does not necessarily have to be studded with incredibly expensive gemstones or diamonds to be considered a worthwhile investment. Cartier is a highly recognisable brand, thereby increasing the value of the items over time. Nowadays, collectors and investors alike are interested in investing in Cartier love bracelets.

Why is Cartier worth investing in?

Investing in luxury jewellery is a wise way to increase your net worth quickly. Jewellery brands like Cartier are valuable, and their value increases substantially over time. So, while you wear them on various occasions, their value keeps rising.

A Cartier Love Bracelet is always in high demand in the pre-owned market, and you’ll always drive a lucrative amount when you sell Cartier Love Bracelets to a reputed dealer. Additionally, since the Love Bracelets have limited production, they are even more desirable!

How much can you sell Cartier Love Bracelets for?

The answer varies depending on your Love Bracelet’s metal, type, and size. Usually, you can expect to sell your Cartier jewellery at a higher value than the original one. Moreover, some pieces double in value with time due to the rarity of the series and the production year.

Suppose you’re looking to sell Cartier Love Bracelets; we suggest finding the right buyers to attract the best value.


From an unmatched quality to its beautiful portrayal of self-love and companionship, the Cartier Love Bracelet is a piece to treasure forever. Furthermore, it is also worth the investment.

If you’re looking to sell your Cartier jewellery, you can expect to fetch a good value when you sell it to a reliable buyer with all the required documents, cards, and boxes.

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