Which Cartier Watches Hold Their Value the Best?

July 16th, 2021

Cartier is synonymous with prestige and royalty. This “king of jewellers” or “jewellers to kings” brand has mesmerised the world with avant-garde jewellery designs and luxury watches. The iconic Santos was the first wristwatch from Cartier, and it is still in production. With technical mastery and an innovative approach, Cartier remains at the forefront of luxury watchmaking.

However, collectors typically invest in the brand’s watches because of their reputation and use of premium, delicate materials. These factors eventually help the timepieces to retain great value over time.

Let’s know about the iconic Cartier watches that hold their value the best with time. However, those looking for the best place to sell a used Cartier watch can call us on 0207 242 9160 for a competitive quote.

The Cartier Tank

The Tank with a rectangular silhouette is ideally the most coveted Cartier watch. The Maison designed the model taking inspiration from the military tanks of WW1. Cartier collectors and fans admire the retro-inspired aesthetic that gives charm and boosts the personality of a gentleman’s style.

  • However, the Cartier Tank is today available in various metal and movement options.
  • You can find both quartz and automatic Tank models.
  • Additionally, there are stainless steel, yellow gold and rose gold references.
  • Moreover, the vintage Tank collection also offers a variety of design and material choices.

Well, the vintage watch market is booming, and several watches from elite brands like Cartier are enjoying a price surge. So if you own a vintage Tank and want to upgrade your collection or raise fast cash, you can decide to sell your Cartier watch. You are likely to receive a top price of your Cartier, especially if its condition is excellent.

The Santos de Cartier

The Santos is among the mainstay Cartier collection that embodies the brand’s innovative expertise. The defining features of the Cartier Santos include a unique square-shaped case and the signature Roman numerals. However, for those who are yet unaware of the watch’s storied legacy –

Cartier designed and developed the first Santos at the request of Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian pilot. He wore the timepiece during his first flight in 1906. Eventually, the Cartier Santos became a highly desirable luxury watch.

A stainless steel case and bracelet with exposed screws characterise the timepiece. However, the Cartier Santos holds excellent value and makes sound investments because it portrays Maison’s heritage.

The Cartier Panthere

The Cartier Panthere watch collection pays homage to Jeanne Toussaint’s wildcat-inspired designs. Well, Jeanne Toussaint was the brand’s most influential director who crafted the legendary Panther ring in the 1920s. Since then, the wildcat Panther became Cartier’s symbol.

And the Cartier Panthere timepieces commemorate the symbol of the panther.

  • The Cartier Panthere line includes unique rectangular and round-shaped models in gold, steel or bi-metal.
  • However, they are highly collectable in the pre-owned market, making them a sound investment.

However, along with a rounded case, the elegant five-link bracelet on a Panthere model delivers a refined & instant recognisable look. Cartier Panthere watches are widely cherished & desirable also because they are unisex.

Virtually all Cartier luxury watches will always stay highly sought-after among watch enthusiasts. Every timepiece is an ingenious recipe to Cartier’s success. Their commitment to using the best quality materials, making delicate complications and offering unique designs have secured Cartier watches a massive global following.

Whether it is the Santos or the Tank, all Cartier watches hold their value well over time. This is because each model represents Cartier’s in-depth watchmaking know-how & expert artistry.

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