Unleash the Unknown: 5 Things about Cartier Love and Juste UN Clou Collections

March 11th, 2021

Cartier is synonymous with luxury. This famous French jeweller is globally recognised and revered for its high-end jewellery and watch collections. Each Cartier’s creation exhibits the brand’s ingenious proficiency and dedication to maintaining the luxury industry’s sheer standard.

Cartier’s catalogue consists of a wide range of innovative and top-notch jewellery collections. However, two of the most iconic creations of the Maison are the Love and Juste UN Clou. Created by Aldo Cipullo, Cartier’s Love and Juste UN Clou jewellery pieces have been treasured for their unique and spectacular design for decades.

The luxuriant jewellery pieces, including rings, bracelets and earrings from these two iconic collections, have graved many celebrities’ wrists over the years. Cipullo’s iconic Love and Juste UN Clou jewellery creations have simply challenged the conventional jewellery notion – that is, jewellery is meant to manifest one’s wealth and status. Thus, they are worn meagerly.

Jewellery pieces belonging to the two iconic collections were designed to be worn regularly, complementing any look or attire. However, the fact is that there are a few things that you don’t know about Cartier’s Love and Juste UN Clou line.

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Inspired by New York City

For more than 100years, Cartier has a well-furnished store in New York City. And it is said that the modernism and novelty of the city mesmerised Aldo Cipullo. In the early 1970s era, people could not think of wearing jewellery daily. Jewellery items used to come out for occasions and events only.

Thus, when Cartier unveiled the jewellery collections, people perceived it as a modern approach. Cipullo’s Juste UN Clou and Love jewellery helped shape the wearer’s idea that jewellery can be a part of regular wear.

Designs based on mundane things

Cipullo had a habit of taking inspiration from the simplest things around us. For example, a belt and a nail. However, his expertise was in elevating and crafting those simple things into something exquisite. In 2012, Cartier renamed the nail bracelet to Juste UN Clou.

According to Cartier, the Juste UN Clou jewellery refines the natural aesthetic of a mundane shape. It revives a simple nail into a spectacular jewel characterised by pure and radical lines.

The Curve embraces

The iconic Cartier Love bracelet is one of the most admired and coveted jewellery items in the world. It represents the ultimate love, eternal bond and commitment. Cipullo designed the bracelet in an oval shape to fit closely as much as possible to one’s wrist.

However, what is essential to the bracelet’s shape is comfort. The bracelet’s proportions are measured in the way one wears it on the wrist that eventually hugs.

The signature screws symbolise the eternal bond

The Cartier Love bracelet features ten motifs of engraved screws with perfect finish and depth. Aldo Cipullo took a progressive approach by leaving the screws on the bracelet’s outer edge visible. However, the integral part of the bracelet is a screwdriver that seals the screws.

The perfect ridges of Juste UN Clou

The Juste UN Clou bracelets feature five ridges before the nail’s head. On the contrary, the rings of this collection flaunt four ridges. However, these ridges resemble hardware flat-headed nails having the same carvings. It makes the Juste UN Clou jewellery pieces instantly recognisable at first glance, just like an original nail.

Overall, Cartier jewellery items are some of the most coveted things around the globe. They hold an excellent resale value with time. If you want access to fast cash, you can sell your Cartier jewellery to any trusted jewellery buyers and obtain the best price for it.