The Two New Cartier Clash de Cartier Iterations in Pink Gold

February 16th, 2021

Cartier added two new iterations to its famous Clash de Cartier series that are larger and agile, bucking tradition. Well, Cartier designed the Clash de Cartier collection by combining its aesthetic legacy of clous carres (spikes in a pyramid shape), beads and studs in one ribbed mesh and introduced it in 2019.

Clash de Cartier epitomizes the brand’s avant-garde spirit. However, the jewellery shoots down the tradition and offers a rebellious, audacious edge. This new collection represents Cartier’s fondness to geometry as well as volume dating back to the 1930s.

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The New Iterations of Clash de Cartier

Cartier unleashed two new Clash de Cartier iterations – one is XL and another Supple. Clash de Cartier collection is characterised by clous carres, beads and studs that create a tectonic mesh against the skin.

Well, the Maison refers to Clash de Cartier as the ‘two-sided jewel’. The collection is a smart balancing act of duality and contradiction. The jewellery pieces of this collection are pliable.

For instance, studs are set in place, but each can freely move.

  • It forms a fascinating dynamic between each mobile and the whole structural component.
  • On the other hand, the clous carres appear sharp with buff-top domes that make them pulpy to touch.
  • However, each movement lures light to flash and creates a metal’s illusion that is nimble at one moment and hard at the next moment.

The collection’s jewellery flaunts a rugged-looking architecture juxtaposed with gentle contours, precise spacing and clean lines.

However, Clash de Cartier is not an easy feat of artistry. The Maison designed and developed the jewellery collection entirely in-house. The appeal and excellent artistry lie in its uniquely articulated mechanism that connects finely-polished studs, and a precise gauge holds them in place but allows free movement. Moreover, every piece underside is intricately edged to make it comfortable to wear.

The Clash de Cartier line consists of several white gold variants and limited-edition pieces embellished with appealing red coral and amazonite. However, Cartier added two new variants crafted from pink gold to this bold collection.

  • The XL model boosts Clash de Cartier’s punk-style, featuring a ring, necklace, earring, and bracelet with larger studs and beads.
  • However, the Supple iteration exhibits an entirely articulated design, making it suited for those who prefer a lesser rugged and delicate silhouette.
  • It consists of a bracelet and necklace whose ribbed netting is too pliable and mobile to drape over the wrist softly or follow the neck’s contours sensually.

Overall, the Clash de Cartier collection is unisex, playful and neoclassical. Cartier offers the new items in pink gold and echoes the series’s association to its legacy and dedication to fascinating new designs.

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