Nature-Inspired High Jewellery Cartier Pieces Are More than Mere Ornaments

April 7th, 2021

People worldwide have always appreciated and revered the leading jeweller Cartier for representing audacity, enduring bond and freedom through its high-end jewellery creations. The brand pays homage to nature, relocating flora and fauna into jewellery pieces that are more than mere ornaments.

They exhibit Cartier’s ever-evolving and enduring creativity. The French jeweller’s nature-inspired jewellery pieces come in forms that are pretty far from conventional representations. They are natural, free and unruly.

Undoubtedly, Cartier has its unique way to represent nature. The brand’s high jewellery creation Director, Jacqueline Karachi-Langane, explains –

“Naturalism reproduces nature as objectively as possible. Stylisation describes an act of simplification that only retains the essential elements of the design. Abstraction, on the other hand, further intensifies the gaze: the original image disappears and only the spirit, the very essence of the piece, remains.”

Cartier has indeed no motive to emulate nature entirely. It aims to pay tribute to the wild world as the brand relishes life in animals and plants. The Maison has taken inspiration from nature’s creations, be it is a panther or snake and designed some of the most magnificent jewellery items.

So let’s take a look at a few standout Cartier innovations from its outstanding wildlife collections.

Magnificent Fauna

The panther has occupied an iconic status at Cartier after it debuted as a diamonds and onyx timepiece in 1914.Today, the animal symbolises the Maison and holds a unique position in the brand’s storied jewellery making history.

However, the panther exhibited its full three-dimensional grandeur on a brooch in 1948, embellished with over 116 carats diamonds and an emerald. Over the years, the Maison has recreated its signature panther in several iterations, representing power, defiance and freedom. And every piece flashes Cartier’s exquisite artistry.

Another beautiful wild animal that became a staple of magnificence in 1968 is the snake.

  • Maria Felix, a Mexican actress, requested the brand to design an entirely hinged serpent with enamel on its stomach and diamond scales on the back.
  • Since then, the reptile has made its way to the brand’s modern collections, embodying seduction and strength.

In 1975, Cartier designed a crocodile necklace for Felix, who envisioned a live hatchling design. Realising her dream, the brand created this masterpiece flaunting heads, bent legs, eyes and tails. While one reptile is adorned with nearly 1,023 jonquil diamonds, the other one features 1,066 emeralds.

Cartier’s latest [Sur]Naturel high jewellery collection consists of a Gharial necklace that cheers up the predator’s existence in Maison’s catalogue.

Mystifying Flora

Cartier takes inspiration from several floral species and offers a twist to its creations by incorporating non-traditional and unusual plants like orchids or cacti. The Maison aims to go beyond the realistic boundaries, creating a fashionable realm.

As expected, the brand’s high jewellery floral pieces integrate brilliant stones in different colours, sizes and substantial volume. Thus, each piece is unique and irresistible.

  • However, the orchid occupies a significant position in Cartier’s universe.
  • According to the Maison, this flora embodies the vigour of the big cat in the botanical universe.
  • The jewellery pieces look extremely seductive, flaunting precious gemstones.

On the other hand, the Cactus de Cartier series deserves special attention. The jewellery pieces astoundingly depict cacti, available in expertly gold silhouette, pulpy clusters and enchanting designs.

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