Lock in Your Love with The Exotic Cartier Love Bracelet

October 29th, 2021

Like all the best love stories, this one starts with a broken heart. The journey of the Cartier love bangle is ‘Heartbreak to Heartfelt’. The creator of the millennial-favourite Cartier Love Bracelet, Aldo Cipullo, was in splits after a tragic heartbreak. He wanted to design a piece of jewellery that symbolized Love, something that could ease his pain. And, with that, the ‘Love Bracelet’ was born- a permanent symbol of love.

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With time, it has become the ultimate symbol of eternal admiration. Created in 1969, the Cartier Love Bracelet has become one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery ever made. It is a fine blend of creativity and style. You can lock the semi-permanent bangle onto the wearer’s wrist with the help of a special screwdriver.

Isn’t that fascinating? The young generation loves this modern-day concept, which made it famous worldwide!


The first Cartier Love Bracelet ever made is almost identical to the modern design. The bracelet is made of 18k gold and has two arcs that are screwed together. This creates a wrist-hugging elliptical shape. Cipullo, the mastermind behind this icon, engraved his name onto his first series of Love Bracelets.

The main difference between the old and the modern love bangle is the count of screws. The current bracelets have two working screws, but the earlier bangles had screws all around. Since the beginning, the stunning-looking bangle, received an overwhelming response. It is a love band for people of all age groups and genders.

Why do Millennials adore the Cartier Love Bracelet?

The Cartier bracelet has been a symbol of inseparable love. You can fasten the bracelet to your partner’s wrist, an act that symbolizes your commitment towards your partner. In recent times, the love bracelet has become a must-have status amongst the millennials.

The Cartier love bangle is exquisite and high-end jewellery that has captivated the attention of many celebrities. It is famous for its symbolism and sleek design.

Why is the Love Bracelet so fascinating?

  • Multifaceted Appeal

Owing to its simplistic design, anyone can wear the bracelet. The bracelet locking mechanism is simple and yet powers a romantic concept. This particular combination is everyone’s favorite.

The bracelets are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, and also platinum. You can ever replace their signature screws with diamonds. Wear it with a casual outfit toad an additional edge.

  • Intriguing Design

The locking mechanism and the intriguing design of the love bangle resemble a belt used to keep the wearer faithful. The bracelet reminds everyone that love and fidelity are crucial.

  • ‘LOVERS’ Thing

Previously, couples were the ones to sport the love bracelet. Soon the celebrities started to sport matching Love bracelets. This way, the bangle stood as a testament to the lover’s love and commitment.


With the unprecedented popularity of the love bracelet, you must purchase or sell your Cartier Love Bracelet at a reputed source.

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Where to sell your Cartier Love Bracelet?

The Cartier Love Bracelet has won millions of hearts. Be it for the precise craftsmanship or the symbolism, the love bangle is one of the highly-regarded statement jewellery you can buy. Do you know that the Love Bracelet is also one of Cartier’s most successful jewellery?

This is the reason why the bracelets will always have a high resale value in the second-hand market.

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Sell your old bracelet and Shop the New Cartier Love Bracelets

  • 4 Diamonds (Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold)
  • Love Bracelet (Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold)
  • Diamond Paved (Yellow gold, Rose Gold)
  • Small Model, 10 Diamonds (Rose Gold, White Gold)
  • Love Bracelet (White Gold, Diamonds)
  • 10 Diamonds (Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Diamonds)

How to style the Cartier Love Bracelet?

The Cartier Love Bangle is an emblem of true sophistication and timeless style. The range has been in popularity for a very long period. You can find that the Love range extends to other jewellery types as well. It includes rings, necklaces, earrings, and timepieces.There are some that stay true to the all-metal composition, while others mix precious stones and other hues.

But the best part is that you can choose to wear any! After all, it’s almost impossible for anyone not to notice them. From those who love to keep it simple to those who are more into eclectic style patterns accessorize the Cartier Love Bracelets with anything.

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