Know the True Worth of Aesthetically Stunning Cartier Love Bracelets

June 2nd, 2021

Do you have a must-have list for luxury jewellery pieces like many other enthusiasts across the globe? If so, you must be aware of the Cartier Love Bracelets, which is now one of the most searched and highly demanding jewellery pieces in the current market. This design is always on-trend, and from 18 to 80, anyone can elevate their look wearing this bracelet effortlessly.

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This design is present in the market for more than 50 years, yet this is always a fashion editor’s top choice. Everyone is going head over heels for these collections, from the 22-year-old billionaire to the Duchess of Sussex.

How Much It Can Cost In-Store:

If your pocket supports you, you can buy yourself a brand-new Cartier Love bracelet. Every Cartier store currently sells over forty different versions of this collection, and most of these pieces come in seven different sizes. However, one Cartier Love Bracelet is likely to cost you between £2,800 to £39,500.

But there is no reason to get discouraged at all; you can buy a pre-owned Cartier Love bracelet for as little as £2,200 or less if you truly know where to look.

History Behind this Mesmerizing Love Bracelets:

The Love Bracelet was Originally designed by Italian designer Aldo Cipullo in New York in 1969. It was a plain bangle with bolts that mirrored a similar type of bolt design seen on some of Cartier timepieces.

One thing that made it unique is the way the piece is worn. Each Love Bracelet features a two-piece hinged design and comes with a small screwdriver. The exciting part is you have to unbolt it, put it on and then lock it back in place. The idea behind it was that the bracelet should be a continuous symbol of commitment, not just a fashion jewellery piece.

Once it was on, you need that special screwdriver made by Cartier. Not only that, you need someone else’s help to take it off. Cartier gave away its first Love Bracelets to 25 famous couples to promote this one-of-a-kind design, including Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Why Cartier Love Bracelets Are Expensive:

There are plenty of crucial reasons why the Cartier Love Bracelets come with a hefty price tag.

  • Material: In the previous years, these bracelets used to be made of gold-plated silver. But at present, you can find it in 18K rose gold, white gold, yellow gold. Now it also comes with diamonds at the place of the bolts.
  • Demand: This might be one of the most copied design all across the world. That is why in 1974, Cartier patented the design. This piece is still in great demand amongst men and women of all ages. Eventually, the price has always been in the premium range.
  • Modification: As time passed, Cartier kept modifying the design in simple ways like adding diamonds, incorporating rose gold and white gold in the collection, etc.
  • Most Recent Version: As the new pieces came into the market, the popularity kept intact. Cartier released a new Cartier Love Bracelet, SM, in 2017. This one is a thinner version of the original one. This bracelet is not locked with a screwdriver, but it includes a self-fastening closure to symbolize independence and self-love. With this release, Cartier proves to improve their innovative ideals with time.

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