How to Sell My Cartier Jewellery without Box and Papers?

August 13th, 2020

Cartier jewellery embodies luxury, elegance and quality. The brand’s jewellery collections continue to accent the wrist of many celebrities and fashionistas to date.

While the exclusive jewellery pieces from this brand hold a good value with time, you can decide to sell your Cartier jewellery if you want access to fast cash.

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However, the first step in the process of selling is gathering all the information and documents of your branded jewellery, including the original box and papers. This will not only help you to ascertain your jewellery materials and features but also verify the authenticity of your item.

But you can unwittingly misplace the box and papers of your Cartier jewellery. Now you might be wondering – Can I sell my Cartier jewellery without box and papers?

The answer is, yes. For those who are looking to sell Cartier jewellery without the box and papers, here are some questions that can help you in the process.

What is the importance of the box and papers of your Cartier jewellery?

Cartier was established in 1847, and since then, the brand has perhaps left no stone unturned to awe its lovers. Today, the term “Cartier” has become the most familiar name in the ultra-fine jewellery industry. One of the most iconic designs that are incredibly sought-after is their Love collection, especially the iconic Cartier Love bangle and Love ring.

The brand enjoys world-wide recognition and adoration, whose unique creations command hefty prices. However, its immense popularity has also paved the way for a comprehensive number of counterfeit Cartier pieces in the market.

Thus, jewellery buyers have become extremely cautious when buying any Cartier jewellery items. We at The Luxury Hut examine every aspect precisely and carefully to verify the authenticity of every piece before making a final offer.

And the original box and papers of your Cartier jewellery play the most significant role in verifying its authenticity. Thus, they also add value to your asset.

However, don’t fret as we can authenticate your Cartier jewellery item without its box and papers too.

What is the value of your Cartier jewellery?

As one of the leading brands, Cartier jewellery items tend to hold excellent resale value. However, we at The Luxury Hut will determine its accurate price considering many factors. They are like the model, condition, age, metal type, diamonds (if any) and current market price.

To know how much your Cartier jewellery is worth, get in touch with us at The Luxury Hut today.

Fill up our simple online form, providing all details of your branded item, and we will contact you soon with a free competitive quote via email or phone.

Where to sell Cartier jewellery in London without box and papers?

The Luxury Hut buys all kinds of Cartier jewellery with as well as without the original box and papers. Many jewellery buyers may ask for the box and papers to attest your item’s authenticity.

However, we have the knowledge and expertise to authenticate and buy any Cartier jewellery without them.

Whether you want to sell a Cartier Love bracelet and a Cartier Juste Un Clou ring, we can offer you the best price possible for your Cartier jewellery.

The Luxury Hut offers a quick, secure and hassle-free way to sell Cartier jewellery in London online or via appointment.

Simply, fill up our online form to get a free initial quote. Or call on 0207 242 5411 to book an appointment at our office in Hatton Garden, London.