How To Find Out If My Cartier Watch Is Genuine?

July 5th, 2021

Cartier is one of the most celebrated and valuable watch brands in the world. The French brand is globally recognised for its ingenious jewellery and luxury watches that continue to brace the wrists of royalty, celebrities and society’s affluent to date. 

However, the global reach and iconic nature of Cartier’s precious creations make them a notable target for counterfeiters. If you own a Cartier watch, it is essential to verify its authenticity, especially if you are looking to sell your Cartier watch

Here are a few essential details that you can look at to confirm whether your Cartier timepiece is genuine or a fake one. 

The Dial

Most Cartier watches feature the brand’s signature guilloche dial style. The decorative guilloche dial flaunts a precise, circular repetitive wave-like pattern. Moreover, the dials on Cartier watches will showcase high-quality polishes and finishes. 

Thus, check for the paint droplets on the dial, jagged lines on the hour markers and irregular spacing and fonts on your Cartier timepiece. 

The Blued Features

Cartier’s iconic collections, including the Tank, Panthere, Santos, Ronde and Ballon Blue, are defined by the brand’s signature blued steel hands. However, the watches also feature a circular-grained crown embellished with the blue spinel cabochon. 

So look at your timepiece very closely and see how the crown and blue cabochon are attached. The component should not be glued on the crown rather set into the crown.

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The Invisible Signature

Most Cartier watches have a secret signature on their dials. The name “CARTIER” is spelt out clearly on the Roman numeral markers at 7 o’clock or 10 o’clock. 

Moreover, you will also see the “SWISS Made” words spelt out right beneath the 6 o’clock hour marker. This tiny detail is hardly visible, and counterfeiters often miss out to replicate this feature. 

The Exposed Screws

Cartier watches flaunt exposed screws on the case and metal bracelets. This is the brand’s signature watch style. Moreover, these flatheads, uniform screws secure the watches’ case. 

Fake Cartier models will typically feature thin, inexpensive snap-on cases. However, a replica watch can have screws, but they are likely to be Phillips head screws. And these screws are a little bit rounded. 

The Engraved Case Back

Cartier watches usually have the following details on their case back –

  • The brand’s logo
  • The four-digit model number and the serial number with six-digit and two letters
  • And the words “Swiss Made” and “water-resistant” engraved on the case back. 

However, the easiest way to spot a fake Cartier is ideally by removing the case back. The movement powering genuine Cartier timepieces has the brand name engraved correctly on the movement, including the first “r”. 

The Weight

While luxury watches are made of precious metals and the finest components, they add substantial weight to the timepieces. This means that luxury watches are much heavier in weight. Thus, if your Cartier watch feels lighter, it is likely that your timepiece is not genuine. 

If you still have doubts about the authenticity of your genuine Cartier watch, the best thing to do is contact the experts. However, buying a luxury timepiece from a reputed dealer is always essential to rest assured you are getting the real deal. 

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