Four of The Most Iconic And Celebrated Cartier Jewellery Collections

November 30th, 2020

Cartier is synonymous with luxury, elegance and romance. The brand has been successfully continuing its heritage of making the finest jewellery in the world. However, Cartier is ideally more famous for its magnificent jewellery collections that bear unique design and aesthetic.

Most jewellery pieces of the brand are instantly recognisable for their exclusive craftsmanship. Moreover, each jewellery piece represents Cartier’s prowess to create icons.

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So let’s here take a quick look at the evolution of some of the most beloved and coveted Cartier jewellery collections. Yes, it includes your favourite Love collection too. Continue reading.

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Panthere de Cartier

Cartier has designed many jewellery pieces, taking inspiration from many animals. However, the animal that is most closely interconnected with Cartier is the panther.

  • An art piece was commissioned by Louis Cartier in 1914 that illustrated a lady with a black panther at her feet.
  • In the same year, the brand designed a wristwatch that imitated the spotted fur of the big cat with diamonds and other gems.

However, the person who encouraged the brand’s obsession with panther is Jeanne Toussaint. She joined Cartier in 1918 and became the creative director of Maison’s jewellery by 1933.

  • Jeanne acquired the moniker “La Panthere” ideally because of her distinct personality and style.
  • She devised many jewellery items during her tenure, taking inspiration from the sophisticated beast – Panther.

Some notable women who are known to be fans of Cartier Panther jewellery during the era of Jeanne include American heiress Barbara Hutton, actress of Mexico Maria Felix, and Duchess of Windsor.

Cartier launched its first-ever panther ring in 1935, combining yellow gold and black enamel. However, the collection today includes rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Love de Cartier

The Love collection, especially the Love bracelet, is perhaps the most treasured and coveted Cartier jewellery. Created in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo, the Love bracelet has since enjoyed unrivalled popularity and crave.

  • The bangle can be opened and closed only using the accompanying screwdriver.
  • However, every piece features screw-like motifs.
  • The Cartier Love bracelet symbolises enduring love and commitment.
  • What boosts its appeal is the fact that both women and men can wear the bangle.

The iconic Love bracelet is also accompanied by Love rings, Love earrings, and Love necklaces. It has been nearly five decades that this famous Cartier Love collection is in production. Thus, you will even find vintage Love bracelets in the second hand market.

Indeed, very few jewellery items are as recognisable and prestigious as the Cartier Love bracelets. They retain a higher resale value.

Thus, if you sell Cartier Love bracelet to any potential jewellery buyers, you are likely to receive an excellent price for it.

Trinity de Cartier

The Trinity is one of the oldest jewellery collections that yet exist in Cartier’s catalogue. Designed by Louis Cartier in 1924, three interconnected rings characterise the Trinity line. Interestingly, the jewellery pieces of this collection look fresh as much as they appeared before 100years.

However, the rings are made of yellow, white and pink gold respectively and each colour exhibit a deeper meaning.

  • The yellow gold band symbolises fidelity.
  • The white gold band represents friendship.
  • And the rose gold band signifies love.

Today, the Cartier Trinity jewellery lineup consists of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Moreover, the brand offers it in various styles, including opulent diamond-paved pieces and elegant gold-only ones.

Juste UN Clou de Cartier

Cartier officially launched the Juste Un Clou Cartier jewellery line in 2012. But you can trace its origin back to the 1970s. The more interesting fact is that Cipullo designed this collection soon after the Love bangle.

  • However, the vintage nail bracelet that Aldo Cipullo designed for Cartier is the prototype of the modern Juste Un Clou collection.
  • It includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and cufflinks.
  • This iconic collection is characterised by a nail curved to turn into an exquisite jewellery piece.
  • Like the Love line, the Juste Un Clou also appeals to both women and men.

Cartier offers the Juste Un Clou jewellery in yellow, white, and pink gold along with some diamond-embellished pieces.

Without any doubt, every piece of jewellery from these four legendary collections underpins the exclusive artistry and enduring fame of Cartier.

Whether it is a Love bangle, a Trinity ring or any Cartier jewellery, they carry excellent resale value in the pre-owned market. So if you sell Cartier jewellery, you can expect to secure top prices, especially if they are in good condition and retain the original box, papers and other things that add value.

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