Factors that Make Clash de Cartier a Must-Have Jewellery Piece

October 12th, 2020

The Clash de Cartier is one of the famous collections in Cartier’s catalogue. The classic, neat aesthetic yet the intriguing design have caught collectors’ attention since its inception last year. Indeed, the jewellery pieces of this collection exhibit a rowdy and chic design, reminding the versatility of the Maison.

At your first glance, the Clash de Cartier rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings will look like rebels. But while you continue glancing at them, you will know that these jewellery items represent a perfect clash of two opposing forces.

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So let’s here explore the factors that make the Clash de Cartier a must-have jewellery item in every fashion-forward individual’s collection.

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The two-sided chic design

Cartier designed the Clash de Cartier as a two-sided jewellery collection. It is honed when it comes to appearance; however, soft on touching.

The fact is that the domes or “clous carres” are polished at the top. However, the brand has dented delicately every piece internally, enabling it to wear smoothly on the fingers or wrist.

A unique representation of the geometry

Many people consider the Clash de Cartier to be a novel design from the brand. However, it is not entirely so. Instead, Cartier is known to have designed this collection taking inspiration from its various historic codes.

  • Cartier jewellery items typically feature studs and beads.
  • Moreover, the brand’s love for geometry since the 1930s is perhaps no secret to Cartier lovers or collectors.
  • So Cartier designed Clash de Cartier jewellery, keeping modern collectors in mind.

They are created to be layered and piled according to one’s choice, featuring easy-to-wear designs for both men and women.

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Acclaimed craftsmanship

The Clash de Cartier jewellery pieces exhibit geometrical shapes and clean lines, offering a simple look.

  • However, Cartier furnishes them with an elaborate mechanism for keeping the studs connected yet mobile.
  • The jeweller uses tiny magnets for holding and precisely calibrated for magnetising the domes in place.

No doubt, each Clash de Cartier piece epitomises the brand’s excellent craftsmanship.

Appealing variations

Cartier introduced the Clash de Cartier jewellery line last year only in Rose gold. However, the brand upgraded the collection by adding items in startling white gold.

  • The Clash de Cartier rings are available in two sizes – small (width of 6.4mm) and medium.

On the other hand, Cartier offers the Clash de Cartier Medium bracelet of 8mm width in different sizes that range from 15cm to 19cm.

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