Cartier’s Newest “[Sur]Naturel” High Jewellery Collection of 2020

November 2nd, 2020

Cartier designed its newest high jewellery collection called “[Sur]Naturel” or Supernatural, taking inspiration from different elements of nature like flora, fauna, and water. Indeed, this exclusive collection uncovers the creative route that combines abstraction and figuration.

The latest “Supernatural” collection from Cartier reflect inspiration from natural things such as the roundness of a plant, coloured spots of animals, reptiles’ scales and also, the movement of water.

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Cartier used the most precious and beautiful gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, opal, coral and many others to manifest the supernatural beauty through its exclusive “Supernatural” High Jewellery pieces, eliciting a sense of fantasy and wilderness.

So let’s here explore the newest High Jewellery collection from Cartier in 2020 that includes five magnificent necklaces and also, an enticing wristwatch.

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The New Cartier [Sur]Naturel High Jewellery Collection

What makes Cartier jewellery unique and exceptional is the fact that every piece possesses its separate identity. Flora and fauna jewellery themes can be traced back to ancient civilisation.

And, Cartier brought back this nature-based theme, offering a modern take for its newest high jewellery collection.
However, the most creative pieces in this [Sur]Naturel collection are the five necklaces.

Let’s begin with ideally the wildest piece – the white gold Tillandsia necklace.

  • The necklace features two green oval-shaped beryls of 163.97ct.
  • It also flaunts one fancy yellow pear-shaped diamond of 0.55ct and one pear-shaped dark orange-brown diamond of 0.55ct.
  • Other precious stones adorning this Cartier white gold necklace include pear-shaped brown diamonds, rutilated quartz, yellow diamonds, and rose-cut yellow diamonds.
  • However, Cartier embellished the cone-shaped links along the neckline with brilliant-cut diamonds.

The next piece in the new Supernatural jewellery collection is the Gharial Necklace. The brand used unusual gemstone shapes to design this necklace. For instance –

  • It features twenty emeralds of octagonal shape from Zambia, weighing a total 15.44ct.
  • Moreover, the jeweller suspended four of the emeralds in asymmetrical pairs from two tapered diamonds that have a total 4.13ct weight.
  • This platinum necklace also flaunts brilliant-cut and tapered, square-shaped diamonds.

Another exclusive necklace embellished with Zambian emeralds is – the white gold Opheis.

  • This neck-piece consists of one rectangular-shaped emerald of 53.94ct having rounded corners.
  • However, the centre emerald is flanked by one triangular-shaped cut-cornered diamond of 1.55ct, two rectangular-shaped diamonds of 5.42ct total weight, and onyx, brilliant-cut and baguette diamonds.

The Opheis white gold necklace is made up of diamonds in a snake-like shape.

Now, let’s highlight the exquisiteness and luxury of the Hemis necklace in platinum.

  • The Hemis neck-piece features one cushion-shaped kunzite of 71.08ct.
  • It is encircled by white and pink brilliant-cut diamonds and opals in a bib-like layout.

On the other hand, the white gold Sinope necklace comes with five oval-shaped Madagascar sapphires, weighing 39.22ct in total.

Its neckline exhibits a rounded wave pattern that is paved with brilliant-cut diamonds and edged with lapis-lazuli.

However, most of these necklaces come with matching bracelets, earrings and rings. Interestingly, the new Cartier Supernatural High Jewellery collection also includes one Panthere Tropicale watch, embellished with onyx, aquamarines, corals and diamonds.

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