5 Ways to Spot A Fake Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch

September 17th, 2020

It’s no secret that counterfeit items flood the luxury watch industry every year. Some of these are low-quality fake timepieces that can be easily spotted. On the contrary, the market is also overflooded with high-quality replicas of authentic watches.

And the Cartier Ballon Bleu is one of the luxury watches that have been significantly counterfeited. Although the model is exceptionally challenging to replicate convincingly, counterfeiters have released plenty of fake Ballon Bleu timepieces in the market.

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Some of the fake Ballon Bleu watches can be easily perceived as authentic at first glance. But many factors can help you to spot a counterfeit Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. Let’s here explore them.

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The Ballon Bleu Dial

The dial is one of the parts that can help you to verify the authenticity of a Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. An authenticated Ballon Bleu watch will have the text “automatic” engraved on the dial at the bottom.

  • A counterfeited dial may not have this text written on it or may be placed in a different location.
  • However, a genuine Ballon Bleu Cartier will have a unique silver colouring on the dial, shining sophisticatedly.
  • A counterfeited model can have the silver-coloured, but they will not ooze out the shine as the genuine one.

More significantly, the ornamental and elaborate circular pattern referred to as “guilloche” needs professional hands to execute the design flawlessly. On a fake Ballon Bleu, these lines will not be exact, parallel or clean. Some of the replicas even may not have the “guilloche” print on them.

The “Swiss Made” Engraving

The watchmaker engraves the text “Swiss Made” on the Ballon Bleu watches beneath the 6 o’clock hour marker. Counterfeiters often overlook this tiny detail when designing the replica of a Ballon Bleu.

Thus, check for this minuscule feature to verify whether or not the Cartier Ballon Bleu on your hand is a fake one.

The Ballon Bleu Crystal

Hold the timepiece on hand and inspect the crystal looking from the side. A genuine Cartier Ballon Bleu will have the crystal made of a high-quality element that bends the light.

Thus, you will notice a distortion when viewing the watch from the side.

On the contrary, a fake Ballon Bleu will feature a low-quality crystal material along with thin glass. So if you observe it from the side, you will not notice any distortions as the low material enable passing of the light without any hindrance.

The Ballon Bleu Bracelet

Another exclusive feature that can help to differentiate between a fake and real Ballon Bleu is the bracelet. A genuine Cartier Ballon Bleu bracelet will have metal links of the bracelet secured together with screws.

However, counterfeiters typically use cheap pins or tubes to hinge the bracelet.

On an authenticated timepiece, you will see the slot drive of the screw. The screws’ flat head has a straight groove for tightening the screw.

The Ballon Bleu Case

Look at the screws on the case of your Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. Cartier typically uses eight screws to fasten the case of the Ballon Bleu.

Moreover, the case is forged out of superior quality stainless steel.

Counterfeited Ballon Bleu watches will not possess any screws on their cases. In fact, they make the cases using cheap material that is generally pressed together instead of fastening it with screws.

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