5 Fascinating Things to Know about the Iconic Santos de Cartier Watch

October 6th, 2020

Many of you probably are not still aware that the Cartier Santos is considered to be the first timepiece created for the wrist. During the early 20th century, people used to strap pocket watches on their wrists. Cartier designed the Santos as a typical wristwatch from the beginning.

However, Louis Cartier created this watch originally for his friend and aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. He requested for a timekeeper that he could check without using his hands. So the Santos-Dumont was designed as a small gold watch, flaunting a square profile and exposed screws.

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Over the years, Cartier made several upgrades to the watch, thereby becoming one of the mainstay collections of the brand. The Cartier Santos is today one of the most popular and coveted luxury watches in the world.

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Thus, let’s today explore some of the fascinating facts about the legendary Santos de Cartier watch.

It was the first purposely-designed modern wristwatch

The Cartier Santos challenged all archetypes of watches produced at its time with its unique design and notion. It featured an unconventional square profile and exposed screws on the bezel. However, Cartier introduced the Santos in 1904 and revived it in the late 1970s.

It was designed for the popular aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont

Alberto Santos-Dumont was a noteworthy personality in the world of aviation. However, he was also a close friend of Louis Cartier. While Alberto used to spend mostly in the air, the conventional pocket timepiece was not useful for him.

He wanted a convenient timekeeper to help him track the time. Thus, Cartier designed the first purpose-based wristwatch to pay tribute to his aviator friend and named it the “Santos”.

It symbolises the achievements of Santos-Dumont

Santos-Dumont is recognised and revered for his power of independence and tenacity as a leading aviator. His acclaimed qualities, including his functionality and aptness towards the modern lifestyle, are significantly responsible for his successful career.

Interestingly, the Santos de Cartier encapsulates his achievements and creations. The purpose and design make the Santos a timeless piece that persists through generation after generation.

Cartier offered it once a salmon-coloured dial

Cartier unleashed a new edition of the beloved Santos for commemorating its 90th anniversary in 1996. Forged out of platinum, this watch flaunted a salmon-coloured dial.

Other notable features include Breguet-styled hands and a folding buckle in white gold. However, the case of this anniversary edition was a little bit bigger in comparison to standard models.

The new generation of Cartier Santos

The latest versions of Cartier Santos come with two major contemporary features – one is the QuickSwitch system and another, the SmartLink system.

The QuickSwitch functionality will help you in changing one strap to another within seconds. However, the SmartLink system will allow you to adjust the bracelet size easily without using any tools.

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